SUNY-wide SolidWorks Program
SolidWorks is 3D mechanical design software used by several SUNY campuses. It
• allows the user to create 3D models from 2D data
• provides design communication capabilities, such as a built-in eDrawings application
• facilitates the sharing 2D and 3D product design information
• provides for designing and changing components from within the assembly
• allows the user to drag and drop parts and features
• uses familiar Windows® functions
More information is available at .
SUNY has negotiated a program that, through ITEC, provides lower-cost licensing and maintenance fees than campuses are currently paying. The program, with SolidWorks’cooperation, provides prices at the lowest per-license price available, based on SUNY’s total
volume. Below are details of the program.
There are two types of licensing available:
Networked Licenses: The institution may license any or all campus computers. Pricing is per license; institution may specify the number of licenses needed. Licenses are keyed from an ITEC server.
Local (Instructor) Licenses: These are individual licenses, typically installed on an instructor’s computer, requiring a hardware key (dongle) to operate.
Distribution of software, upgrades and new releases is through ITEC. ITEC will receive the software from SolidWorks and provide it to the License Coordinator identified by each Participating Institution.
The licenses are perpetual. Institutions licensing the software through this program are required to carry annual maintenance. Participating Institutions must identify a License Coordinator for this program. ITEC will provide updates and new releases to the License Coordinator, who will be responsible for distributing them at the Institution.  Participating Institutions must identify a Technical Coordinator for this program who will be authorized to contact ITEC for support. If ITEC is not able to provide assistance, ITEC will be authorized to contact SolidWorks for support.
Networked Licenses:  License fee is $20/license for full ASI members or $25/license for all other institutions. License fee includes first year of maintenance.  Annual maintenance after the first year is the same price as the initial license: $20/license for full ASI members or $25/license for all others.
Local (Instructor) Licenses:  License fee is $200/license. This includes hardware key and first year of maintenance.  Annual maintenance after the first year is $100/license.  Institutions that already have licenses and wish only to continue maintenance may migrate their maintenance to this program.
Participating Institutions are charged annually for the number of licenses purchased and/or maintained under the program. State operated campuses will be charged through the Campus Recharge process. Community colleges will be invoiced.
Media will be provided to ITEC for the initial software, as well as all updates and new releases.  ITEC will provide one set of media to the License Coordinator at each institution.
Participation in this program is voluntary and open to all SUNY institutions.
All campuses that participate in this program must complete and sign a Participating Institution Agreement, agreeing to the terms of the program and identifying License, Technical and Administrative Coordinators. Orders for specific quantities of licenses and/or maintenance should be placed using the SolidWorks Order Form.
Existing Licenses:  The license/maintenance year under this program will be July 1 through June 30 of each year. For the first year of the program, Participating Institutions will pay a prorated fee for existing licenses to bring them to the July 1 start date for future years. Thereafter, PIs will be charged for annual maintenance as of July 1 each year.
New Licenses:   New licenses will be ordered quarterly. The license/maintenance year under this program will be July 1 through June 30 of each year. For licenses that begin in January, April and October, the first year of maintenance (second year of participation) will be prorated to bring the maintenance to July 1.
Removal from Use:  A campus wishing to discontinue use of a license under this program must notify ITEC in writing before April 1 in order for the license to be removed from that campus’ inventory as of the next maintenance year.
Order Form 
Participating Institution Agreement
Program Description